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It’s been more than half a year since I’ve last had a problem with ants! In fact in the last 6 months, I haven’t even seen an ant in the house. That is pretty amazing considering where I live is pretty warm all year round and ants are in abundance. I hope the information shared on this site will help you deal with your carpenter ant and other pest problems.

Growing up, ants were always around. Spill a little milk on the kitchen counter and they would show up. Drop some cookie or breadcrumbs and you could be sure they would appear. So it is really quite amazing that I haven’t had any ants for half a year.

What’s the secret? It’s a combination of a few things.

Firstly, keep the house relatively clean. That means wiping the kitchen counter immediately if a few drops of juice or milk are spilt. It doesn’t take much effort if you just leave a cloth by the sink so it’s always within reach. However since we still leave trash (including food) in the kitchen bin overnight, sometimes 2 nights and the dishes are also often left overnight in the sink, it led me to the second factor which I think has a big effect.

I started using diatomaceous earth (DE) in the last year. I originally bought DE because my dogs had ticks and I did not want to use chemical tick treatments on them. By the way, my dogs are also raw meat fed and really healthy as I refuse to feed them Science Diet or any other kibble which really is very unnatural, unhealthy junk food for dogs. So anyway we spread the stuff into the dog’s coats, in the bedrooms, under the sheets and mattresses and on the rugs where they sleep on. Mind you, although DE is safe to eat for humans, dogs and any mammal, it is DUSTY! Then we had a roach problem so having read up on how diatomaceous earth can kill almost any insect, we started dusting corners in the kitchen and toilets frequented by cockroaches. Details for using DE can be found in How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants Naturally.

So what has been the result? There have been no more ants! Roach occurrence has dropped by at least 90%. I figure it’s because they no longer live in the house. The 2 times they have shown up in the last few months was when they flew in the window. That’s twice in 6 months compared to weekly sighting before. Also just last week, the dogs were in a park where they must have picked up some ticks. We spotted a few on them and pulled them off. Then we applied DE onto them as well as around the house. A few days later, ticks big and small started falling off onto the floor. The large ones were shriveled up which is essentially how DE kills insects since it is a drying agent made up primarily of silica that sticks onto and cuts into insects.

Have a problem with ants or other creepy crawlies? You can give diatomaceous earth a try if you don’t want to engage pest control or use toxic pesticides.

If you enjoyed or found this helpful, you can visit How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants for a detailed guide on how to identify, deal with and get rid of carpenter ants and other similar insects.
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